Joint Session & Recorded Case Proposal Submission

To increase opportunities for learning, the Heart Rhythm Society is seeking suggested Joint Sessions and Recorded Cases to encourage involvement of other heart rhythm communities and provide invaluable insight in performing procedures at our annual meeting. Submissions will be competitively reviewed by the program committee based on overall medical and scientific interest to the attendees at the meeting.

The submission site is now open. All proposals are due no later than November 19, 2020.

Joint Session Proposals

The Society offers the opportunity of Joint Sessions to encourage involvement of the heart rhythm community as co-participants in the annual event. The Joint Session proposals are strongly encouraged to reflect the importance of constantly pursuing innovations while remaining increasingly interactive and collaborative to improve the lives of patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders.

What we're looking for:

Recorded Case Proposals 

Has your practice or hospital performed an interesting, challenging or rare case?  Do you have such a case scheduled in the upcoming months?  HRS seeks several of these interesting or challenging cases to showcase at the upcoming annual meeting.  Selected cases will be featured in our “Recorded Case” session(s).  The operator will have the opportunity to show an edited recording of the case which will then be discussed live by a panel. The final approved case presentation(s) will need to be in a MP4 format and not embedded in a ppt presentation.

The recorded case presentation format will provide Heart Rhythm Attendees with the opportunity to observe procedures conducted by the world's leading electrophysiology clinicians and then participate with the clinicians in a robust dialogue.

What we're looking for:


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